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Grade Level Equivalent

Why Twilight fans should stop thinking this crap is hot shit:


Thanks to these… book, even knock-off vampire TV shows are coming out! I can only hope this won’t last long (or at least all these fans will turn to Alucard from Hellsing as the best and most badass vampire of them all).

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying a fan should stop worshiping, after all everybody has a guilty pleasure in fandom, included me, but I wish they stopped thinking this was some kind of high-level reading literary piece. The writing is crap, the plot is crap, the characters are paper-puppets with a Mary Sue at the center of it all. Enjoy it with all your heart, but don’t disillusion yourself into thinking this is high-grade literature.


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People who don’t know about the game “Monkey Island” probably won’t understand this video, so I recommend it for people who did play it. Just watch it. Just… fucking watch it.

(beware of unnecessary rant!)


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