I can’t give her more than a half-assed drawing (I can’t find my Cintiq pen for the life of me D:) but I know mai garufrendo Ranka-tan will forgive me with her gentle HAATO


Holy crap this box is HUEG LIKE XBOX!!!

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a “loot” post! I’m quite excited mostly because of one item in particular, which is my first of its kind for me to have gotten ever 😀 So without further ado, here’s my March loot (minus yaoi doujins!)

waifu is happy too!

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I have an on and off relationship with the Precure franchise. While meant to be aimed at little girls, it’s obvious the main viewer is a lolicon otaku with no tomodachis, waifus or husbandos (non 2D). While other studios/corporations foolishly stretch series, adding fillers and thus tiring the viewer, the Precure franchise renovates itself every season with new girls, new transformations and new toys. This is one of the most evil and smart capitalist-pig strategies I’ve ever seen pulled in anime, and I’m not sure I’m enraged for being caught in this scheme. Indeed the Precure series is the pinnacle of a profitable, good looking (mostly), nefarious magical girl show. It’s enough to give one goosebumps!

I like almost every other show, for some reason. I didn’t like the first two (wasn’t interested is more accurate), like Yes Precure 5 (it has some of the best transformations) but was a bit too late back then to get into it, don’t like Fresh Precure (old hags with lame transformations and attacks, except Cure Passion), REALLY like Heartcatch Precure <3, don’t like Suite Precure (I kinda like the main character’s design) and now I’m fapping to Smile Precure (Ooooh Cure March~<3). The Precure merchandise usually consists of cheaper dolls, the wands and transformation items to get the parents’ wallets loose and ready to receive a huge raping.

From all series, and to my limited knowledge, Heartcatch Precure is the only series to have received a proper PVC figure line so far.Recently HLJ had a nice sale with a 20% off each figure (although currently they went back to the usual 10% off) so it was impossible for me to resist! So here is each Precure of the aforementioned series:


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Oh yeah got my Happy Colorful Godmother Cinderella Ranka waifu on the mail today!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


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Mai waifu…

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Gimme your bytes!

A short while ago it was my birthday. I got toiletries as a present, which is great because it was all stuff I needed (ok maybe except one, but it’s no skin off my nose :D) and a nice dinner; all in all a very humble yet nice birthday from which I wasn’t expecting nothing big (I never do, I like my parties small unless I have the right crowd) UNTIL THIS CAME IN THE MAIL:

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